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Another spectacular game tonight. High energy, heart pounding, electrifying performance by the Canucks win over L.A 6-4. About time would ya say? Got quite fed up everytime we tie the game L.A will counter back with an extra goal.

I just love to watch Doughty weep on the floor when he missed the block on Keslers open goal. muhahahaha

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Here is my first post

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Hockey, Random
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Here is my first post. I hope I make good use of this and express my random thoughts as I live in my life in full spectrum. Not really much to say.

Today was Game 3 of Canucks/Kings playoff and sadly we lost 5 – 3. We such in PK and Luongo just did not look like himself. The 4th goal was plainly noobish…

Anyways time to sleep, since i finally figured out how my setup of this blog will look like. Hear from me soon…